Path of Growth Enneagram type 9 self improvement

Path of Growth Enneagram type 9 self improvement

Enneagram type 9 self improvement Basic Essential Practice: Notice how your energy stretches out and is drawn by the various environmental demands on you, all fuelled by your driving energy of inertia or inattention to yourself, from this grounded, responsive, openhearted, and non-judgmental posture.

This comes from your fundamental idea that to be liked, respected, and safe, you must blend in, go along to get along, and not make a big issue of yourself.
Can you pause, take a deep breath, and see that what is essential to you — your priorities, wants, and desires – have faded into the background?
Pull your focus back within, gather it, and connect to yourself from this grounded point in your body’s gravitational core in your belly.
Then direct your energy and attention on your boundaries, limits, and priorities.
This entails learning to love yourself in the same way that you love others, not more or less.
From here, you may take action that benefits both yourself and others.
Remind yourself of the efficacy of what you can do with this clarity of concentration.
And remember to pay attention to how people react when you allow yourself to stand up for yourself and love yourself while still caring about others and their well-being.

Additional Reflective Key Themes:
Take a minute or two three or four times a day to focus yourself and think on one of the following:

Multiple environmental arguments are competing for attention.
Observe how your attention is drawn to people and the needs of the environment regularly.
Use this as a cue to return to your priorities and needs.

Your body is resisting.
Make an effort to pause and see where your resistance appears in your body.
Recognize that digging in indicates something essential to you; otherwise, there would be no resistance.
Then investigate what is important behind this resistance.

I am seeking solace while avoiding confrontation.
Stop and note how discord and conflict make you feel and where this manifests in your physically felt sense.
Use this to remind yourself that conflict occurs naturally, and the question is how to deal with it productively.
Then try your best to put this concept into action in your life.

Short Thoughts on Reclaiming the Essential Quality

Practice many times a day for a minute or so, stating and living one of the following for a few days at a time with openhearted compassion toward oneself.

Do all of this with the receptive energy included in the “may I.”
Remember that the superior quality or virtue for type Nine is proper action, which is an activity that reflects the self equally to all people.

May I concentrate on what is essential, particularly in the midst of pain and conflict?

May I be able to find my goal and purpose?

May I be conscious of my apathy toward me, understanding that proper behavior stems from valuing myself as much as I appreciate others?

I’d want to point out that resistance and passivity are indicators of something significant going on within.

Would you please help me to remember my priorities and my worth?

enneagram type 9 self improvement Type 1 Self-Care

Priority for Self-Care: Be spontaneous and allow imperfection to thrive.

Revitalize your morning routine.

We admire you for being the one who ensures that everything is flawless, but we want to make sure that your perfectionist tendencies aren’t causing you to worry.

As you mature, you become more spontaneous and easygoing, like the carefree Type 7, so for self-care, consider doing something enjoyable that doesn’t need perfection.

Type one people are notorious for concealing their rage and may benefit much from writing.

Try to write in detail about how you feel every day, as well as your achievements!

You’ve probably accomplished more than you give yourself credit for.

Being on top of things may be tiring, so devise a sleep plan that allows you to get the rest you need.

Pro Tip: Listen to Hannah Montana’s Nobody’s Perfect.

enneagram type 9 self improvement Type 1 Self-Care

Priority for Self-Care: Sit and appreciate nature, and find something pleasant to do just for you.

We appreciate all of your assistance and compassion, but please ensure that your acts are motivated by love rather than a need for validation.

You have a propensity to self-sacrifice and constantly assist others in the expectation that they would reciprocate.

Try to offer without expecting anything in return.Joan Didion On Self Respect

Try keeping a diary.

Write down what you did for others and whether you did it out of love or get approval.

Make effort to check in with yourself regularly and ask yourself, “What do I need today?”

Remember that being more self-nurturing allows you to take on the characteristics of a Type 4 personality in terms of health.

See if you can make time for a creative activity that allows you to express yourself.

The aim is to begin making time for the things that make you happy and establish boundaries to assist those you care about without animosity.

Finally, going outside and enjoying nature may be very beneficial to Type 2s.

Listen to Megan Trainor’s song “No.”

enneagram type 9 self improvement Type 3 Self-Care

Priority for Self-Care: Get into your element and embrace your real self.

Make time to settle down with a buddy and watch a movie.

You are amazing for accomplishing it all, and we appreciate how hard you work, but we want you to know that you are permitted to relax and have fun a bit.

As a 3, you’re all about getting things done and achieving achievement, but life is about finding a happy medium.

Try to embrace Type 6’s great characteristics for self-care, such as honesty, self-acceptance, and trust.

Threes are workaholics who might benefit from a digital detox.

Attempt to consume a meal without any distractions.

You are always attempting to alter and chameleonize yourself to please everyone.

Unfollow anybody on social media who drags you down to help you accept who you are.

Pro Tip: Listen to Nirvana’s Come as you are.

enneagram type 9 self improvement Type 4 Self-Care

Priority for Self-Care: Declutter a drawer or closet and make exercising enjoyable and creative.

All of the creativity and idealism you bring to the world is wonderful, but you tend to make yourself unhappy with this idealism since the present is never as lovely as the one you’ve imagined in your head.

You develop the positive characteristics of Type 1 as you mature, making you stronger at organizing your day, being present, organized, and driven to action.

Clean out a closet or arrange a room to practice the beneficial characteristic of the organization.

Remember to jot down even the little things in life for which you are thankful.

Hopefully, your list isn’t too short.

Start a new daily workout regimen that you like to become more present.

Make a list of how you want your day to go and see any little actions you can take to get there.

Creativity and expression are crucial to your personality type. It would help if you had a daily creative outlet where you may be completely expressive of who you are.

Pro Tip: Take a break from Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters and Radiohead’s Creep for a bit.

See whether it improves your mood!

enneagram type 9 self improvement Type 5 Self-Care

Priority for Self-Care: Be more sociable and keep your objectives in sight.

Make a list of 5 items in your life that you like.

Thank you for always having all of the information and knowledge for everything, but we want you to know that you are secure and competent without it.

When you don’t take care of yourself, you become nervous, stingy, alienated, and judgemental, yet we want to highlight Type 8’s good characteristics.

Practice being more curious, self-confident, engaged, and plentiful for your self-care.

Make time every day to perform things that promote these characteristics, such as cleaning a place, rather than hoarding out of fear of not having enough.

Type fives; you are always in their minds.

To avoid going in circles, set modest, attainable objectives.

Find a jogging partner, strike up a discussion with someone at your yoga class, or join a book club to start socializing more.

That is not to suggest you should deplete your social batteries.

To do this, check if you can set aside time each day to clear your thoughts and meditate for 15 minutes.

Pro Tip: Listen to Montana’s “Come on, Be Happy.”

enneagram type 9 self improvement Type 6 Self-Care

Priority for Self-Care: Create anxiety-relieving mantras.

Find a stress-relieving activity.

Get lost in a good book.

You are concerned with ensuring that everything is secure, but we want you to allow yourself to relax and feel at ease.

Remember that you have a habit of double-checking the safety of everything before proceeding.

Attempt to balance your safety checks with anxiety checks.

We aim to help you embrace Type 9 characteristics for self-care by being more cheerful, calm, and productive.

Type 6s need hobbies or activities that provide them with mental stimulation.

To put this into practice, consider taking a trip to one of your favorite locations or into nature, spending time with individuals you’ve known the longest and trust, or starting a fun project with no deadline.

Listen to Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax.

enneagram type 9 self improvement Type 7 Self-Care

Priority for Self-Care: Allow negativity and quiet to coexist with your fun-loving personality, and take time to observe your feelings regularly.

Spend one day at home alone, without any interruptions.

We all like your optimism, zeal, and spontaneity, but to care for yourself, you must learn to deal with the negative that the world always delivers.

We aim to assist Type 7s to overcome the tendency of avoiding negativity at all costs by becoming more like a Type 5.

You become more contented, spiritually grounded, and stable when you are well.

Type 7s may also benefit greatly from listening to music that elicits strong emotions.

Try talking about your problems with someone, or write down any unpleasant feelings that arise.

And, although we understand that you dislike being alone or bored, maybe you could try doing something that requires you to embrace quiet for 30 minutes every day.

Pro Tip: Listen to Johnny Cash’s Hurt to practice accepting negativity.

enneagram type 9 self improvement Type 8 Self-Care

Priority for Self-Care: Unwind, relax, and exercise compassion.

Your energy and demanding attitude are motivating and wonderful, but make sure you take time to calm off before overheating.

As you mature, you become more empathetic, rested, and caring, similar to a Type 2 personality.

Begin by practicing activities that encourage relaxation to bring out these characteristics in yourself.

Experiment with going out of your way to being compassionate.

Cancel any plans that are unneeded or unpleasant.

Take a working vacation where you can concentrate only on one project.

While it is beneficial to have enough strength, you do not have to wear a suit of armor your whole life.

Experiment with emotional vulnerability and understanding your emotions beyond your rage.

You will feel better if you can find methods to be more present and in the moment.

Try a new yoga class, whether hot or vital that is appropriate for your personality type.

Make sure you have some alone time in your flow state.

Take the time to observe the subtleties in your environment regularly.

Listen to Love Train by the O’jays or Ordinary Human by One Republic as a pro tip.

enneagram type 9 self improvement Type 9 Self-Care

Priority for Self-Care: Make modest choices regularly to understand more about your likes and dislikes.

Prepare a nutritious dinner for yourself.

Begin a one-week cleanse.

We appreciate your easygoing attitude and calm spirits, but we want you to know that it is acceptable to stand up for yourself and pick a route.

Start doing things you want to do if you tend not to express yours wants to fear upsetting the tranquility and relationships you have.

Begin a new creative activity or go on a little trip.

You take on the ambitious Type 3 as you develop, becoming more self-assured and efficient.

Maintain your connection to your body by participating in an activity you like, such as yoga, stretching, jogging, or a 30-day fitness challenge.

Increase your feeling of calm by purging your closet or arranging a space that has been troubling you.

Just don’t get too carried away and overburden yourself by cleaning everything.

It takes a lot of effort to keep things calm and harmonious.

Begin a morning or evening routine to calm your mind, practice a chakra meditation to help you develop your energies, and keep a daily diary on how you feel.

You must have a feeling of belonging as well.

Make time to get out with a buddy and be ready to express your disappointments or rage.

Begin expressing yourself with simple demands such as “Can you bring me that book from the other room?”

or “How do you like this item I made?”

Pro Tip: Listen to Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” towards the end.

I hope the comedy in this blog made your day a bit brighter.

We can all benefit from fresh air, nutritious food, exercise, and a good laugh, regardless of our enneagram.

Make an effort to make others happy and make time to connect with those you care about. 

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