Self improvement the basis for community development 2021

self improvement the basis for community development

All members of society should be self-improving and self-reliant. A self-help philosophy which includes self improvement the basis for community development and self-reliance (in both the individual and community) as its core, will enable us to reduce crime in our communities, enhance employment opportunities for youths, empower women and solve other problems such as crime, poverty and social injustice. All self-help projects will begin with self-improvement. We should therefore teach self-improvement skills to our children in all government schools.

Self-improvement is the key to self-reliance. Self-reliance is the key to empowerment. Empowering people by giving them opportunities, skills and self-confidence produces leaders who work for themselves and their communities rather than allowing themselves to become dependent on others or on institutions only interested in increasing their own wealth and power, at the expense of others’ well being.

The purpose of self improvement is not simply self gain but to enable us contribute more effectively towards improving our homes, church communities, workplace environments and even our nations so that we can self improve even further.

Self-improvement is selfless. It is a process of self-discipline grounded on self respect which frees you from the need to follow blindly the dictates and demands of others who may be well meaning but whose advice or opinions are based on limited experience and knowledge. Some people say that they would like us to do this or not do that because it will hurt other people’s feelings or cause offence, e.g., don’t ask a man in his 70s to marry young children when he has no job (because men of his age cannot cope with those girls as their wives) or older women who have been widowed marrying younger ones, etc. Advice given out of love and concern for others is selfless and one feels unqualified to pass such judgment, but self-improvement requires selflessness.

self improvement the basis for community development teaches us that we are responsible for our own bad behaviour or misfortunes. It also teaches us the importance of being self-disciplined and self-respectful in thought, word and deed. Self-improvement does not mean becoming self absorbed with the pursuit of self interests alone but being vigilant over oneself to ensure that our intentions are good and pure even when we find ourselves disagreeing with others’ ways of doing things which affect society as a whole whether it be at work, school or church. The greater the maturity level, the more integrated person we become who can influence not only family life selflessly but also our community selflessly.

self improvement the basis for community development is essential for self-respect. A self-help philosophy and a self-help project begins with self-improvement which teaches us the skills, qualities and values to raise productivity levels, self confidence and self respect in all spheres of life. self improvement the basis for community development equips us with better coping mechanisms so that we can be proactive rather than reactive at work or school when faced with challenges from our bosses or teachers who may try to intimidate and threaten those who defy them. There are many young men leaving secondary school every year without any job because there just isn’t an industry employing them so what do they do? They have no skills or qualifications and opportunities are not afforded to even look for employment elsewhere either because there are no self-help projects there that will help them self improve. Many also go to the streets without self improvement skills which may lead to drugs, crime and prostitution.

RASA is a self-help philosophy not only for our nation but also for all nations in Africa. It cannot be imposed upon us by any individual or group of individuals, however well intentioned they may be, because we have a responsibility to self-improve and use our common sense as adults when converting from one way of doing things to another way of doing things most suitable for our needs. RASA improves on African ways of doing things from which many self-help philosophies inherited their principles such as Ubuntu whose meaning has been distorted by some people who want to uphold self-help to justify self help development projects which they say is the way to go. RASA self-improvement programmes are designed with maximum participation of beneficiaries in all stages of planning, implementation and evaluation. It provides for self discipline in our approach towards self improvement and self help project management.

self improvement the basis for community development teaches us that we should be respectful of others because even though we may disagree with them or their methods, we can still learn something from them as long as it does not infringe on our own self interests. Some people like to portray Africans as lost causes who have no sense of direction, purpose or self discipline but self help philosophy cannot be applied effectively unless it is understood through objectivity and reason rather than sentimentality and emotion.Top Excellent travel blog ideas for beginners 2021

The self improvement the basis for community development skills we acquire from RASA self-help programmes teach us to be self-disciplined in our thought processes and not allow emotions rule over reason. Africans have a sense of direction and purpose for self help projects because they are part of the solution rather than being part of the problem which affects their personal lives as well as society at large. The self improvement the basis for community development attitudes, values and standards taught by self help philosophy work out more cost effective than western aid, foreign investment or technological know how with respect to our self development goals even though we might be new to it but if we can learn anything from foreigners who want to give us things, it is that with hard work on our own efforts like all other nations had done before us, we can develop our self-belief into self esteem self respect self worth and self improvement.

RASA self help philosophy is a global self-help philosophy that focuses on self improvement as the basis for community development because it alone uplifts people’s lives which makes them productive, creative, innovative and solution oriented which may be lacking in communities whose members are focused on survival rather than self development. The self help projects of RASA self help philosophy are based on improving productivity levels which will improve the quality of life not only for the individual but also their families and society at large.

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