Self Esteem - A Great Way to Start Building Them!

The Man Who Would Not Lose by Joanna Didion, pp. Fourth Book of the Bevelstoke trilogy. Reprint, 2021. Why should you read this book? Well, it is not just a great introduction to acting, it is also a very wise exploration into the roots of self esteem and self image management.

joan didion on self respect

“The Man Who Would Not Lose” is the third in the Bevelstoke trilogy exploring Jane W. Smith’s quest for emotional and social healing. I must say I was disappointed with this book in that it felt somewhat underwhelming to me – even though the characters in the book were so perfect that I wanted to keep reading right away. Nevertheless, I would give this book an average rating based on its quality and not its hype. I certainly enjoyed learning more about the history of self esteem and how this book came to be written.

In The Man Who Would Not Lose, Jane W. Smith puts forward her thesis that we are all great individuals – even if others do not realize it. She also teaches that we can all improve our self image through introspection, but also that we can all be improved by simply changing our beliefs and practicing the basics of improving interpersonal relationships and trust between peers. This book teaches the basic principle behind gratitude. Gratitude helps us accept that others are putting effort and good things into our lives while we are putting in little effort and not much good. We have to learn to appreciate this and stop comparing ourselves to others. We have to be grateful to those who treat us well and to ourselves for doing the small things in our life.

I personally found the following quotes interesting and inspiring: “When life gives you lemons, make lemon juice. Then, when life gives you limes, make lime juice.” And: “Never buy what you cannot afford to lose.” These quotations clearly indicate that you need to be deliberate about the things that cost you the most and work on replacing the bad with the good – or learning to be content with what you have, even if others would prefer that we do not have it.

Self Esteem – If you have low self esteem, then no matter how great someone else is, you will always be viewed as a bad investment. To build self esteem, you have to be confident that you are a great person who is worthy of love and attention. To do this you should take responsibility for your own actions. And don’t blame someone else for your lack of self worth.

A Success Program – Insecure people often believe they are less than or inferior to those whom they respect and admire. By helping them develop their self-confidence, helping them set realistic goals and empowering them with resources, you can help them see themselves as valuable and capable people. And this, they will value you more in return – and will want to spend more time with you.

Fitness – You need to keep fit and healthy if you want to live a long and productive life. It doesn’t mean you have to join a gym or run marathons. It simply means that you should do some form of exercise regularly. Joining a fitness program or taking part in a physical activity is good for your health and also boosts your self esteem because you become healthier, fitter and stronger.

There are so many other ways you can increase your self esteem and feel better about yourself. But these are great ways to start. They are easy to do and can give you a huge boost. So get started today!

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