A Journey Through the Depths of Rejection’s Pain

Rejection brings a pain so deep,
That I can scarcely bear to speak.
A heartache that can’t be relieved,
The tears like rivers never ceased.

Despair and anguish fill my soul,
My spirit has begun to coil.
This rejection runs so deep within,
And on its journey will not end.

The sorrows surge, I cannot cease;
My heart is broken beyond piece.
I search for hope with every breath,
But still the pain runs too deep death.

No solace here in this abyss,
No peace or mercy do I miss.
My meek heart’s wounds remain unhealed,
This rejection is my life congealed.

The future holds no solace here,
My broken heart will shed no tear.
I’m lost in grief and longing now,
This rejection has taken its final bow.

Though I may never be at ease,
My courage will not softly cease.
For I can rise against this pain,
And leave it far beyond the rain.

Though I may never fully heal,
My wounds shall not remain concealed.
This rejection will no longer sway,
And I can find a brighter day.

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