Finding Peace through Letting Go

Finding Peace through Letting Go

Love is easier the headless way,

A sweet journey of surrender to take.

No need for thought or logic this day,

Just simply trust and faith you must make.

The path of love can be risky and hard,

Where trying to control leads to despair.

Unfocused mind will leave one scarred,

And so much unhappiness ensue there.

Let go of your worries and fears,

Don’t waste another second in doubt.

Fill up with joys as you nears,

Feelings of peace will soon come out.

Through caring less we learn to care more,

An acceptance that living life’s game requires.

That often means taking the floor,

And finding strength to satisfy desires.

Love is easier headless way,

A beyond description sublime experience.

Where divine grace guides us day-by-day,

Allowing us to soar higher and higher hence.

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