Making a poem is hard to start

Making a poem is hard to start

I never knew making a poem could be so hard,

An endeavor that can leave one feeling scarred.

It’s difficult to summon the words from deep within,

As the muse and your heart must come together to win.

The task of writing has no lack of surprises,

With thoughts of doubt and fears in disguise.

Yet if I pause, take the time to begin,

My heart will provide a way for the words to mend.

This poem can be crafted like none other before,

With rhymes and interjections that will make it soar.

The depth of emotion must fill each line you write,

To make your reader feel with all of their might.

So take a moment, let go of the fear,

For here is where you will find what’s sincere.

If I just allow my heart to speak freely and bold,

The poem I make will be absolutely told.

Yes, making a poem is hard to start,

But take the chance and trust in your heart.

For it will provide the tools you need,

To craft something beautiful indeed.

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