My Greatest Love: An Ode

My greatest love lies in the depths of my heart,

A beauty that blankets me from all things dark.

It ebbs and flows like a gentle tide,

Gently warming my soul so I never feel out of stride.

In moments both calm and turbulent,

It lingers with an assurance persistent.

Its contagious nature spreads to all around,

Bringing joy to what once was known as a sorrowful sound.

The purest form of its essence revealed by fate’s decree,

Is unyielding affection that sets my heart free.

No matter the time or place, it is fixed in time,

A gift divine ever present like an angelic chime.

I am captivated by its depths, lost in its blissful embrace.

This is my greatest love, a bond that will never be replaced.

No force can break it, no distance can part us;

My heart holds this feeling to the ends of the universe.

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