Seeing the Light in Going Nowhere

Seeing the Light in Going Nowhere

There I am, standing still in limbo;

Nothing to do but stand and stare.

My feet are stuck, my soul is numb –

In this state I can’t seem to go anywhere.

The world’s a blur of grey monotony;

My destination no longer clear.

My path has no certainty,

And I’m unable to find the way from here.

I can’t seem to break away;

The horizon’s vanishing in despair.

My progress is at a standstill today –

I’m going nowhere without a care.

Longing for something new and different,

An escape from this painful stillness.

My spirit needs uplifting;

Away from this place of emptiness.

These feet of mine will keep on striving,

Even if my journey never ends.

For hope is what keeps me alive –

No matter how far my life descends!

Hope is the only thing I have;

It’s my guiding light in the night.

Although I’m stuck and going nowhere,

The hope will keep me up and fight.

Letting go of all my worries,

I’ll take a step and start anew.

This journey may be daunting,

But nothing ventured, nothing gained too.

No matter how far I travel,

My destination is unclear.

Wherever it ends up leading me –

At least I know that I’m not here!

My heart has set its sights on freedom;

Every step is a chance to start anew.

Away from this state of limbo,

For now I’m going – somewhere too!

Going nowhere has left its mark,

But I’m still standing tall.

My feet will keep on moving forward –

Wherever that may be, after all!

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