The Art of Letting Go

The art of letting go is not easy to master,
But a path we must all take if we wish for true happiness.
To release the binds that hold us back, yet still move forward;
Living and learning from our past without being encumbered.

It is hard to accept letting go and all its pains,
Forging through life’s struggles brings much strength and gains.
Fear may try to keep you in chains but courage will break them apart;
Taking chances can lead to growth and a brand new heart.

Letting go allows us to create an atmosphere of freedom,
Where the possibilities are infinite and hope knows no bounds.
We learn that sometimes it takes a step into the unknown,
For us to understand what our hearts have always known.

The art of letting go is a lesson we must all come to know,
For it liberates us from our sorrows and helps us grow.
Letting go of those things that no longer serve us well,
Enables the light within to shine through and truly excel.

So remember it’s ok to let go and surrender your fears,
It can be hard but it is one of life’s greatest gifts we can receive.
Live in the moment where nothing else matters,
And embrace this freeing art that will make you much better!

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