The Bittersweet Joys of Unrequited Love

Right love at the wrong time,

Ah! How it can sting like a crime.

The heart aches with sorrow and strife,

For two souls that were never meant to be in life.

Love’s beauty so pure, yet not meant for us to endure;

A bittersweet joy that can’t be found.

We’ll forever cherish the memories profound.

Time stands still for no one today;

It can be cruel and make us pay.

Though love has its own sweet way,

At times it is simply too late for fate’s delay.

Yet never forget what once was shared—

Memories of joy that need not despair.

The beauty of love is still ever there,

Just waiting to be found at the right time and place.

These words may touch your heart so true;

Right love can come again for you.

For when it does be sure you do,

Love with all that’s in your soul and never be blue.

So though right love may have come too soon,

Be sure not to forget that day in June.

Remember what once was shared between two hearts—

A love so strong that it could never part.​

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