The Magic of Love

Love is a thing so profound,

It moves us to express ourselves in sound.

A symphony of emotions that surges from deep within,

Making our hearts beat and burst forth like violins.

Love is the warmth of the sun on a winter’s day,

The sweetest embrace that takes your worries away.

It fills us with joy when it comes our way,

An ode to life that can never be swayed.

Love brings hope to the darkest night,

Illuminating our lives with its beautiful light.

Like a sweet melody that brings peace to our soul,

It makes us feel complete as if we were whole.

Love can be found in the simplest of things,

It’s there everyday that life brings.

A beautiful purpose that binds us all together,

Forever reminding us never to sever.

This emotion so strong and pure,

Makes our lives so much more sure.

The best gift of them all, a blessing from up above.

Cheers to love, may it rise and always stay true as a dove.

Love is an emotion that nobody can control,

An appreciation of life that will always make us whole.

It’s a beautiful state of bliss to be felt in our hearts,

A gift from the heavens; forever shall it remain with us!

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