Writing is a journey

A quest for the unseen;
Exploring thoughts and emotions,
In search of vivid dreams.
Creating stories from words and rhymes,
To capture in prose our deepest lies.
The written word is an art form,
A place to share our innermost storms.
We write to discover hidden truths,
Licenced by ink that never soothes.
It’s an adventure within ourselves,
Where we can reveal what no one else can tell.
So let your pen do its talking,
And be sure to hear its walking. 

For writing IS the secret key – 
That opens up a world of beauty!

The written word is powerful,
Casting its spell in an hour.
Deep sentiments and sentimentality,
In a way that only writing can be.
Let the ink flow from your soul,
Right onto the paper scroll;
Tell tales of joy and strife,
As you co-exist with this life.
Writing is like a secret garden,
Where flowers bloom in words not hearden;
It’s a way to express ourselves fully,
And to discover what lies truly. 

So write your heart out today –
Let each stroke of the pen convey!

And take each sentence with grace,
To an inspiring and hopeful place. 
The power of writing can never be unseen,
It’s a form of art that will always remain between. 
So gather your thoughts as you write – 
For this is the ultimate rite!

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