A Thing That Happened

A Thing That Happened

I heard a story of a thing that happened
A factor that gave me quite a fright
For it involved a life so swiftly ended
A story that left me in the night

Though I do not know the particulars of it
A tragedy that I can’t deny
I know the disappointment that so swiftly hit
And how it left the survivors to cry

A life so young and full of promise
A future that was taken away
A factor that left the coronary heart so broken
And no phrases to describe the dismay

It’s arduous to comprehend the sorrow
That comes from such a stunning thing
To watch a life be taken so quickly
It’s a tragedy no one can bring

This factor that happened, a tragedy
The soreness that it introduced us so deep
Will stay with us without end in our memory
A reminder of the sorrow we continue

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