Encountering a Special Girl in a Dream

Last night I dreamed of a girl,

Her beauty divinely unfurled.

No one could comprehend her worth,

For she possessed a special mirth.

Her voice sang like a melodious bell,

And within it my heart did swell.

She looked upon me with eyes so clear,

That melted away all my fear.

My dream was filled with her grace and poise,

Like the sun in an azure sky’s arise.

The image of her face consumed my sight,

More beautiful than the stars in their flight.

I felt such warmth and joyous bliss,

As if I’d found a hidden bliss.

My dreams of her I’d never forget,

Like a rose’s beauty in full silhouette.

Though the night has turned to day,

The memory of that girl will stay.

Her image rings in my head forever,

As if we had been together.

The dream I had was so real,

That for her I wished to kneel.

What once was thought could only be,

A fantasy truth can now be seen.

For the dream of her I still have,

My heart and soul will be brave.

The night we met is all I recall,

That one girl, who made me feel so small.

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