Reflecting on a Lost Love

Reflecting on a Lost Love


It’s not you, but it is me.

My heart has grown cold and empty.

My emotions have become so frail,

That I no longer know what to feel.

The love we shared has gone astray,

Leaving my soul in disarray.

Our connection lost its spark,

I can’t pretend that life won’t darken soon after dawn’s light falls stark.

This isn’t something I can deny,

For this truth will forever stay nigh.

Though it pains both hearts so sore,

We must part with no more ado at the door.

So take these sorrows and go away;

Carry on with your each and every day.

Long may you be blessed with joy and love,

And never forget our friendship as a dove.

Though there is sadness in my heart,

This parting will not keep us apart.

For I wish for your soul to soar through the sky above,

As we bid farewell – It’s not you but it is me, my love.

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