The harp of broken strings

The harp of broken strings


The harp of broken strings once sang so sweet
But now its melody is incomplete
No longer does it play a tune so bright
For its strings have shattered in the night

It once was the pride of the bard’s collection
But now it’s nothing but a sad reflection
Of what it once was, and what it could be
But alas, its fate is but a tragedy

It’s not a harp that’s loved and cherished
But one that’s broken, and now perished
No longer does it make music to delight
It’s only a harp of broken strings tonight

It’s not a thing of beauty to behold
But a reminder of stories untold
Its sound once brought joy to many hearts
But now it’s only silence it imparts

Though it’s not played, its memory lingers
And in dreams, its melody still fingers
Through the mind, like a haunting refrain
Of the harp of broken strings that was once in vain

It’s not the end, for there’s still a chance
To mend the strings, and start anew the dance
But for now, it’s a harp of broken strings
A reminder of what beauty once brings.

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