The Pain of a Lost Distant Love

My distant love is like a dream,
Submerged in shadows of tears unseen.
The days when we were so close,
Now seem but a forgotten ghost.

Times past can no longer be,
For fate has brought our paths to flee.
What once was filled with joy and bliss,
Is now filled with emptiness and “missing”.

It’s hard to think it all must end,
A life together we both intended.
Our memories remain in my heart and soul,
But this pain I never want to relive again as whole.

Though the separation brings me sorrow and deep grief,
I am thankful for having known you beyond belief.
For even though it did not last,
My love and memories will remain in the past.

This is my ode to us, our distant love that we once knew.
It’s time for me to move on now, away from you.
My heart still aches, but I find strength in knowing,
That what was lost can never be taken back, still longing.

The distance between us, a wound that never heals.
But all I can do is keep pushing forward and move on, for real.
Though it ended in sadness, yet I still thank fate above,
For giving me the courage to keep dreaming of love.

As the memories of our distant love fades away,
My heart will continue to heal day by day.
No matter how hard it felt and still does feel today,
I’m proud of myself for finding the strength to stay strong this way.

And even though it had to end,
I will still remember the love that we once shared and often spent.
For you were my comfort and security,
A distant love I’ll never forget, eternally.

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