Unraveling the Mystery of “As We Once Were”

Unraveling the Mystery of “As We Once Were”

As we once were our hearts as one,

We shared a connection, that could not be undone.

Our love was pure, so full of life and glee,

No one in the world could ever compete.

The days went on and our bond grew strong,

And together we marched on all night long.

Our souls intertwined, so in love and true,

No other word could express this feeling but “you”.

The days turned to night and the stars shone so bright,

Filling us with hope for a future that felt right.

The future was ours, we both knew it deep down,

But reality soon hit us with a cold, hard frown.

As we once were, so close to our dreams,

Our love soon faded and everything seemed bleak.

We were two separate worlds that could not be saved,

Our broken hearts lay open and unmade.

But still in my heart I will forever keep,

The memory of us together as we once were so deep.

Our love will never die and I know it’s true,

That no matter what happens, I’ll always love you.

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